Captain Slow’s Gran Turismo Rotary Challenge.

I finally beat Top Gear Intermediate with Gold.  I felt listless.  Empty.  Like if Melville had Ahab catch the whale half way in the book.  


Then a man in a white labcoat showed up and offered me a challenge in an envelope.  We got sued quickly by the BBC, sacked those responsible and got on with it.


The reality of it was that I hadn't been making a lot of ASpec progress.  I'm still struggling through the amateur races.  Specifically, the FR challenge.  My tuned and tricked out Miata isn't doing the job.  So I've got to find a new FR machine to take into the fray.  


I make no secret of it.  The RX-7 FC3S is my all time favorite car.  The look, the Wankel engine, even the wheel package…  Everything about it is what was right with the Eighties.  A time when Toto wasn't afraid to put out a single that didn't make sense, and when we believed that yes, maybe, yes, someday Jamaica can have a world championship bobsleigh team or maybe Judge Reinhold CAN get action before leaving Ridgemont High.  Ah, the Eighties.  Aside from Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and the Electric Slide, it was a perfect time.  Or it was to me.  I was born in '82.  So, I hold a lot of nostalgia to that era. 


But there was a problem.  For a paltry 13 thousand more, I could pick up the superior FD3S.  My heart broke.  Then broke some more, looking at the horsepower difference.  202 for the FC3S, and 251 for the FD3S.  49 Horsepower.  Yes, the Spirit R package is 40 grand, but, let's ignore the Spirit R for a moment.  I'm left with the question, "Can you tune an FC3S RX-7 to be as good as an FD3S in the difference of in-game cost(discounting the Spirit R trim)?"  


Can passion overcome engineering?  Let's find out.  


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Kaz talks about future GT5 updates

Kazunori Yamauchi was on Twitter yesterday, and he commented that the studio split to Fukuoka has caused a delay with updates to Gran Turismo 5, and also hinted at possible DLC:

アップデート準備中です。まず不具合修正、その次は機能アップデートとDLCか。巨大な制作システムのスタジオ分散は思ったより大変だ・・・。RT @iwan_gt_celtics: @Kaz_Yamauchi 福岡への移転が終わったらアップデートと次回作の製作頼みますよ!

GTPlanet user Shirakawa Akira provided the forum with this translation:

Updates are in preparation. First [there will be] bug fixes, then feature updates and DLC will probably follow. The decentralization of our studios and framework is a greater burden than I thought….

New Gran Turismo special event: World Compact Cars

Move out of the way Super GT, here come the compacts! I think I will try tuning up that old Daihatsu Midget II that has been sitting around, and give it a whirl.


  • Any car shorter than 4200mm
  • No tire restriction
  • Maximum 450 power points

Prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd:

Rome 5 laps:

  • 356,100cr + helmet / 216,600cr + paint chip / 190,500cr + horn

Grand Valley East reverse 5 laps:

  • 384,000cr + suit / 233,400cr + paint chip / 205,200cr + horn

Cape Ring Outside 3 laps:

  • 403,200cr + helmet / 245,400cr + paint chip / 215,700cr + horn

Tokyo Route 246 3 laps:

  • 395,100cr + suit / 240,600cr + paint chip / 211,200cr + horn

Tokyo Bay (kart) 5 laps

  • 406,800cr + helmet / 247,800cr + paint chip / 217,500cr + horn

The "La Festa Cavallino" race at Circuit de la Sarthe still holds the best time/money ratio for the special events, at roughly 3'40" for a quarter-million credits.

The Online Dealership has been updated, and is stocked with a bunch of classic cars all at zero mileage. Try finding that in real life!

*late edit*

There are two new time trials, production cars on SSR5, and NASCARs on Suzuka East (where they actually raced in real life), as well as drift trials for Rome Circuit and Trial Mountain.

Thunderbolt Games & Play3.De previewing F1 2011

Thunderbolt Games had a chance to sit down with F1 2011's chief game designer Stephen Hood, to talk about the successes of last year's incarnation, and what they're planning for the upcoming game.

A huge amount of content was included last year and many of the subtle elements were, at times, lost within 2010’s Career Mode. 2011 uses new features such as Press Clippings and Emails to keep the player better informed of where they stand in the world of Formula One. We’ve tweaked everything, even the logic behind contracts, so that it’s a more refined experience this year.

Codemasters had some limited Q&A on Monday via their Twitter account, announcing they have no DLC planned for F1 2011, and they are still wrangling with licensing over the fate of the safety car. Codemasters expects to have a final go/no-go for it around Gamescom in the middle of August. has recently posted a video interview with senior producer Paul Jeal, again discussing planned features for F1 2011:













F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23rd.

racing news megapost, 7/9

Forza Motorsports:

F1 2011:

Gran Turismo:

Polyphony Digital moving 50 employees from Tokyo to Fukoka. [Source:]

Online support for Prolouge has been extended until September. [Source:]

Latest special event race involves Super GT/JGTC vehicles. [Source:]