F1 2010: PS3 patch has been released (worldwide)

Update! The patch is now out worldwide for PS3 players. Still no word on PC/360.

In proper Sony style, SCEE (Sony Europe) and SCEJ (Sony Japan) approved the patch for F1 2010 with little notice to the game's dev team, and no notice at all to their community managers! Codemasters has not heard if SCEA (Sony America) has approved the patch, and does not expect to hear word from them until this coming Monday, 11/1. They also state the PC and Xbox 360 patches have just passed submission, and they will release full patch notes for all three versions once the patches have been released.

European players are reporting the patch is 35MB in size, and that there is a catch. Some users are reporting the force feedback/rumble for controllers and steering wheels have been greatly lessened. There are also unconfirmed reports (meaning I can't find a forum link), that there is a tyre graphics bug, where the options have the prime graphics and visa-versa. We await a reply from Codemasters over these new issues.

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