Korean Grand Prix: How to prepare for a new track?

So this weekend is the first Korean Grand Prix, being held at the recently-finished Korean International Circuit at Yeongam, South Jeolla, South Korea. This being the first time the F1 circus has ever raced on this track, how do teams and drivers prepare for the great unknown? By playing video games of course!

Engineers have been feverishly playing their driving simulators, trying to get an idea of how this brand new circuit will drive, and what kind of a setup the car should have. Some drivers have even been playing the new F1 2010 game to learn the basics of the track, instead of using the team simulator. Althought it is a touch out of date, to get an idea of how realistic the full-blown simulators are, here is video of former F1 driver Mark Blundel taking the 2007 Williams' F1 simulator for a drive around Silverstone:

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