Operation Sports interviews Ed Martin

Robert Kollars, writer for Operation Sports, sat down with Ed Martin, executive vice president of Eutechnyx, to discuss the upcoming NASCAR 2011: The Game.

OS: Ed, obviously Eutechnyx is developing the game, and Activision is acting as the distributor. Did Eutechnyx approach NASCAR, or did they approach your company?

EM: Well, let me give you a little background as I have been doing these games for years. I started with Papyrus in the early ’90s, and ran the NASCAR franchise for Hasbro Sports (NASCAR Heat) and Electronic Arts (NASCAR series), so I have been around these games for a long time. There has not been anything this detailed since the Papyrus titles, and that was not even this grandiose. I believe it was at E3 when NASCAR approached Eutechnyx, and they were looking for a company with some great ideas. They were really shopping the license around, not for someone who was just going to take it, but find someone who had that spark that they were looking for. They were also looking for someone who was willing to work directly with NASCAR themselves. In the past it was difficult to get information out of the NASCAR teams and R and D, as the information was considered proprietary stuff. Now it has evolved to the point where they [NASCAR] really want to be involved, and they were looking for someone who they could open up and share their ideas with.

NASCAR 2011 is due to be released in Feburary 2011


Operation Sports

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