Medal Of Honor

Game: Medal Of Honor
System: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Release: October 2010

I have played through the campaign on normal, and attempted two levels of Tier 1 (a hardcore SP mode). I have also played some multiplayer, but not enough to make a valid critique.

Medal of Honor. A series that sparked the World War II craze in the first person shooter genre. A franchise that started with such promise yet fell far behind the giants: Call of Duty and Halo. Now EA is attempting to reboot the series by telling the story of a modern conflict. The developers at EALA are very proud of the campaign story (MP was done by DICE studios), and the realistic depiction of the current war in Afghanistan. Did they succeed? Will this title be the rebirth of Medal of Honor, or will it become the final nail in the coffin?

The single player experience is well done. The graphics are at times breathtaking. The action is intense, and the narrative illustrates the inter-dependencies of different military units in the field. Players will take the role of Army Rangers, Special Ops, and Apache Helicopter pilots through a two day battle. The environment is historical deadly with many invading armies failing to survive the local resistance. There is the classic ignorant and brash General in D.C. barking orders that endanger the lives of soldiers on the ground. Lives are lost on both sides, but in the end the Americans seem to have won the day. The story of these soldiers was believable and executed with respect for the men who serve (there were no women in this story). This was a welcomed alternative to the over the top Cold War wet dream of Russia invading the United States.

Gameplay has it's ups and downs. I enjoyed the ability to slide into cover, but the “peak” button was particularly useless. It is very difficult to hold down the left trigger (Iron Sight) and left bumper (Peak) at the same time. Peak also halted all movement, which makes you a sitting duck during a gun fight. All of the weapons worked well, but none of them stood out. I loved the helicopter level, but driving around on a four wheeler felt like boring filler. I never felt like I wouldn't make it, or that the enemy was truly overwhelming. Many areas felt like a carnival shooting gallery. Just keep killing the ducks and targets then press on to the next area.

I enjoyed the overall experience of Medal of Honor. The story was entertaining, and the gameplay was decent. If you like realistic military shooters–I'm looking at you Tom Clancy fans–then check it out. Under the new Snazzy Snerts System, Medal of Honor falls under the category of Gamefly! Rent it. Play it. Forget about it.

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