Benjamin’s Racing Diary: 12/08/10

Finally got around to buying a sawhorse, so I could have a cheap home cockpit setup. Mounted my old Logitech Momo Racing wheel to it, and pluggd it into the PS3. Gran Turismo 5 detects it, but it is a bit limited. Gas and brake work, paddle shifters work, and top four buttons work. The arcade shifter does not. Here are the default settings:

Top Left: e-brake Top Right: Windshield Wipers
Middle Left: Pause Middle Right: Reverse
Bottom left: N/A Bottom Right: N/A

The middle left cannot be reassigned to anything other than pause. I modified the settings so reverse was on top right and the wipers were on the middle. Pity the bottom two can't be assigned, or else this would be nearly perfect. Yes it lacks a lot of the features of modern wheels, and there is practically no force feedback, but what is there is enough to work with. My times are already steadily dropping as I get used to this much better form of playing the game. I don't think I'll do it all the time though, since it is a bit of a pain to pull everything out and put away when done.

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