GT5 Screenshot Contest!

We here at Top Shell are pleased to announce a Gran Turismo 5 screenshot contest! Send in your best screenshots for a chance at owning the most lusted and prized car in the entire game. The car that has been tearing up the Youtubes, blowing the socks off reviewers and gamers alike. The car, famous in Japan to those that are truly in the automotive know. The car, that engineers thought could never be built, and never be topped:

The Fiat 500 F '68!

What? You thought it'd be something fast and sexy? HAH!

How to enter:

Tweet @top_shell with a link to your image and what car or cars are in the shot (just in case).

Contest rules:

  • No cars with stock engine power higher than 150bhp.
  • No photo mode, we want action!
  • No screenshot manipulation/touchups using external programs like Photoshop, Paint.Net, GiMP, etc.
  • One (1) entry per person.
  • Style points for:
    • Flying cars
    • Showy drifts
    • Crazy visual mods (wings, bad paint jobs, etc)
    • Artistic uses of the camera


Photos will be judged by a panel of two (2) people, based on the above criteria and their own personal preferences.
Bribery will get you nowhere.
Flattery might get you somewhere.


One (1) slightly tuned Fiat 500 F '68. To be awarded to the winner via Gran Turismo 5. Winner will need an active PSN account to receive the car. Hopefully we can trade cars between regions. Fingers crossed!

Prize has no cash value, this contest is just for fun.

The contest ends on Sunday, December 12th at 11pm Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT). Good luck!

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