Call of Duty Black Ops: A Snerts Soliloquy

Game: Call of Duty Black Ops
System: PC, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
Release: November 2010
The Cold War turns hot in another solid Call of Duty experience. Seven videogames later and this series is still delivering top notch entertainment. The campaign presents a decent fictional story that takes players across the world. Multiplayer returns with new features, maps, and weapons. Zombies also make a come back in a variety of forms. There is even a kick ass commercial made by the good folks at TBWA\Chiat\Day (my employer).

Overall Black Ops was more enjoyable then Modern Warfare 2. Zombies is way better than the co-op missions of old. After finishing the campaign players are treated to a wonderful video featuring Castro, Nixon, and JFK. The three men are talking business when zombies invade. A few awesome one liners are spoken and the game begins. Brilliant! There is also a top down arcade version of Zombies, and all of the above can be played by your lonesome or with a friend. This game mode as sure come a long way from its roots as a pet lunch project.
Multiplayer really feels different thanks to the gambling system. Players can use digital dollars to literally put their money where their mouth is. The cash is earned by performing well during multiplayer matches, and can be used to purchase new items. Other then that, the MP is what you would expect from the franchise. Robust player population. Fun gameplay. Addictive leveling system. etc. etc. etc.
Black Ops' plot was reminiscent of the first Modern Warfare. The usual two main character formula was set aside for something…gasp…new. Now things are focused on one guy, although, you do play multiple people.OK that's not very new, but it's something different for the franchise. The knowledge this man possess can prevent the next major war, but he's fucked up from all the brainwashing. Things get complicated and progressively more entertaining–especially the helicopter segments. Some torture scenes here, a flash back there, and a dash of split personality sets thing right by the end. How? By shooting shit of course.
Call of Duty continues to dominate the FPS console market. Black Ops is jam packed with gamer goodness. My friends and former colleagues at Treyarch should be proud. Fans of first-person shooters will have no problem paying Full Price! There is plenty of bang for your buck, but if you're like me the franchise may be wearing thin. Snerts Snazzy Score is On Sale! You will enjoy this game, but it is another Call of Duty. How many mountains, jungles, deserts, and towns can your M16 run through? Save some cash. Wait for that sale, or used game price drop.

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