I’m Not Impressed!

Gamefly is a glorious creation. For a monthly fee (around $18 in the States), you get delivery rental service. One game can be out at a time for the basic package. Awesome. No longer going to the local Blockbuster and praying they have the game you want. No longer returning a game when more play time is warranted. No longer waiting in lines. Gamefly allows you to experience the hits and the misses.
The hits have been reviewed and posted. Faithful readers–haha I can dream–will know them well. This piece will be dedicated to the misses.The games I didn't even bother to complete. 

Prototype and Crackdown 2:
Both these games feature a super powered main character who is unleashed into an open world environment. Scale buildings, throw vehicles, and generally kick a lot of ass. What's not to like? Plenty.
Prototype pushes a lame duck story that fails to capture my attention. The action is fun, but very repetitive. Go here kill that person. Sneak here. Kill these people. Add to this frustrating long boss fights, and you have yourself a game that I will never finish.
Crackdown 2 reminded me too much of Mercenaries 2. After testing an open world game for the better part of a year I must be thoroughly entertained before bothering with such things. Sure you are a super powered bad ass–instead of a non-super powered bad ass–but that changed little. Another open world game with a shitty plot, and repetitive gameplay. Next please.
Alan Wake:
What the fuck is this game? Something based on a Stephen King novel. Boring. I never did enjoy games that were mostly cut scenes. At least Bayonetta allowed some T & A (tits and action).
So I'm supposed to be impressed with the deep story about a writer on vacation. Oh he looses his wife to a freak accident that doesn't quite check in with reality. Shadow people are out to get him, but he is determined to find his sweet heart. Here's a tip for you dip shit. Call up Scooby and the gang. Those meddling kids are sure to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Fallout New Vegas:
This was the most disappointing game of all. Mostly because I loved Fallout 3. The problem here is mostly personal. I dislike buggy games, and I enjoy history more then gambling. New Vegas is almost unplayable. It crashes and lags all the time.The scenery consistently pops with different levels of detail, and to top it off, almost nothing has changed gameplay wise.
My other complaint solely resides in the setting. DC was fun because I'm a history major who studied the United States. Seeing a post apocalyptic interpretation was enthralling, and encouraged me to explore. New Vegas seemed like a mini mall on the way to the real deal. Not very impressive at all.
Perhaps I'll rent New Vegas again, but it won't be anytime soon. Next up is Red Dead Redemption: Undead something or other. Will this expansion fail? Or will I find another awesome cowboy adventure. Stayed tuned true believers…

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