Kaz talks about future GT5 updates

Kazunori Yamauchi was on Twitter yesterday, and he commented that the studio split to Fukuoka has caused a delay with updates to Gran Turismo 5, and also hinted at possible DLC:

アップデート準備中です。まず不具合修正、その次は機能アップデートとDLCか。巨大な制作システムのスタジオ分散は思ったより大変だ・・・。RT @iwan_gt_celtics: @Kaz_Yamauchi 福岡への移転が終わったらアップデートと次回作の製作頼みますよ!

GTPlanet user Shirakawa Akira provided the forum with this translation:

Updates are in preparation. First [there will be] bug fixes, then feature updates and DLC will probably follow. The decentralization of our studios and framework is a greater burden than I thought….

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