New Gran Turismo special event: World Compact Cars

Move out of the way Super GT, here come the compacts! I think I will try tuning up that old Daihatsu Midget II that has been sitting around, and give it a whirl.


  • Any car shorter than 4200mm
  • No tire restriction
  • Maximum 450 power points

Prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd:

Rome 5 laps:

  • 356,100cr + helmet / 216,600cr + paint chip / 190,500cr + horn

Grand Valley East reverse 5 laps:

  • 384,000cr + suit / 233,400cr + paint chip / 205,200cr + horn

Cape Ring Outside 3 laps:

  • 403,200cr + helmet / 245,400cr + paint chip / 215,700cr + horn

Tokyo Route 246 3 laps:

  • 395,100cr + suit / 240,600cr + paint chip / 211,200cr + horn

Tokyo Bay (kart) 5 laps

  • 406,800cr + helmet / 247,800cr + paint chip / 217,500cr + horn

The "La Festa Cavallino" race at Circuit de la Sarthe still holds the best time/money ratio for the special events, at roughly 3'40" for a quarter-million credits.

The Online Dealership has been updated, and is stocked with a bunch of classic cars all at zero mileage. Try finding that in real life!

*late edit*

There are two new time trials, production cars on SSR5, and NASCARs on Suzuka East (where they actually raced in real life), as well as drift trials for Rome Circuit and Trial Mountain.

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