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F1 2010: Full patch notes released

It's old news now, but Codemasters has posted the changelog for all platforms of the F1 2010 v1.01 patch. Read, download, and enjoy.

F1 2010 patch finished, awaiting certification

The eagerly-awaited patch for F1 2010 is almost ready! As soon as the compliance departments for Microsoft and Sony sign off on it, the patch will be released. From my limited knowledge of game testing, if the patch was submitted for compliance on 10/26, it may be at least another week or two before it is approved.

Codemasters release information on F1 2010 patch

Though it is not yet ready, Codemasters' community manager Helios posted an update on their forum, with details about changes and fixes in the upcoming patch for their popular F1 2010 racing game. Along with fixing the corrupt save game bug and problems with AI logic for pitting, they're also adding a number of changes based on the feedback from the players. Improved wheel support, sector split times from the car ahead/behind, and better damage modeling. The full context of the update can be read after the jump.

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NFS: Hot Pursuit previewed by Made2Game

The video game news blog Made2Game visited Gamefest in Madrid, Spain and posted a quick preview of EA's newest Need For Speed game, "Hot Pursuit". It seems EA has ditched the sandbox environment to concentrate on high speed chases between cops and street racers.

Hot Pursuit will be released in North America on November 16th, and in Europe on November 19th.

Trailer posted for WRC 2010

Developed by Milestone and Published by Black Bean Games, WRC 2010 is the first officially endorsed WRC game in five years, and looks to be one of the best uses of the WRC license ever. Not only will the game contain all the vehicles and drivers from the 2010 WRC season, but it will also contain the cars and drivers from the three support classes: P-WRC, S-WRC and J-WRC.

WRC 2010 was released in Europe on October 8th, and will be released in North America on November 30th.


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