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Benjamin’s Racing Diary: 12/12/10

Received a silver trophy in the following Licences:

  • IB-3 FR Cone Slalom Challenge.
  • IC-10 Rome City Course 2-Lap Challenge.


  • Seven Fireblade '02

Races won:

  • "A:Supercar Nostalgia Cup:Rome" event race.
  • "A:Supercar Nostalgia Cup:Suzuka Circuit" event race.
  • "A:Supercar Nostalgia Cup:Laguna Seca Raceway" event race.
  • "A:Festival Italia:Rome" event race.
  • "A:Festival Italia:London" event race.
  • "A:European Classic Car Championship:Circuito de Madrid – Mini" event race.
  • "A:European Classic Car Championship:Côte d'Azur" event race.
  • "A:Japanese 80's Festival:Deep Forest Raceway" event race.
  • "A:Japanese 80's Festival:Autumn Ring" event race.
  • "A:British Lightweights:The Top Gear Test Track" event race.

Reached A-Spec level 16.

Trophies Earned:

  • "Old-Timer" Trophy

Benjamin’s Racing Diary: 12/08/10

Finally got around to buying a sawhorse, so I could have a cheap home cockpit setup. Mounted my old Logitech Momo Racing wheel to it, and pluggd it into the PS3. Gran Turismo 5 detects it, but it is a bit limited. Gas and brake work, paddle shifters work, and top four buttons work. The arcade shifter does not. Here are the default settings:

Top Left: e-brake Top Right: Windshield Wipers
Middle Left: Pause Middle Right: Reverse
Bottom left: N/A Bottom Right: N/A

The middle left cannot be reassigned to anything other than pause. I modified the settings so reverse was on top right and the wipers were on the middle. Pity the bottom two can't be assigned, or else this would be nearly perfect. Yes it lacks a lot of the features of modern wheels, and there is practically no force feedback, but what is there is enough to work with. My times are already steadily dropping as I get used to this much better form of playing the game. I don't think I'll do it all the time though, since it is a bit of a pain to pull everything out and put away when done.

Kaz Yamauchi twitters more about GT5

Kaz Yamauchi has been furiously tweeting this morning. Alas no one here at Top Shell properly speaks Japanese, so we've had to resort to Google Translate for assistance:

来年早々には・・。待たせてすみません。RT @amigo7eleven: @Kaz_Yamauchi 本当にGT5楽しいです~!ちなみにPCからBスペックができるようになるのはいつごろでしょうか?

As early as next year. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. RT @ amigo7eleven: @ Kaz_Yamauchi GT5 really fun! By the way, from B-PC will be able to spec what about when?

I believe this is in regards to doing B-Spec races from a computer, or more accurately, having online B-Spec races.

ぼくもそう思う。RT @lybius_ikuze: @Kaz_Yamauchi コースエディターで作ったコースをオンラインのレースで使用できるようにしてほしいです。単に公開して楽しんでもらうより、一緒に走って楽しみたいです。

I think so too. RT @ lybius_ikuze: @ Kaz_Yamauchi I want you to be able to use the online course in a race course made in the editor. Just have fun than to the public, I want to enjoy running together.

Not really a statement that the course editor tracks will be eventually patched to be made playable online, but at least he agrees that it would be fun.

ぼくもそう思っています。RT @empty_emp: @Kaz_Yamauchi 過去の質問になかったようなので、ご質問を…リプレイですが、時間操作(早送り、巻戻し)は実現可能でしょうか?フォトを撮るのに一瞬を逃してしまう事が多々あります…

I think so too. RT @ empty_emp: @ Kaz_Yamauchi appears to be no question of the past, the question is … replay operation time (fast forward, rewind) is what can happen? There are many things you'll miss the moment to take a photo …

Again, same deal here. He agrees that not having a modern replay function in GT5 does cause a player to miss great photo opportunities.

I can't vouch for the exact accuracy of the translation, and there may be inaccuracies based on the nuances of the language. We'll keep you updated if he posts any more interesting replies.

Registration is open for GT Academy

Registration has opened for the North American edition of Gran Turismo's "GT Academy", where contestants can win racing wheels, home cockpits, and even a shot at becoming a professional race car driver.

Get signed up now at – The event begins on December 20th. For the full rules, you can go here or click "read more".


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Shift can beat ‘sterile Gran Turismo 5’ – EA

Patrick Soderlund, a senior vice-president at EA, spoke with "Computer and Video Games" about the Need For Speed: Shift series, and his confidence that it will defeat the Gran Turismo series in driving authenticity.

Our idea is that if we can offer the most authentic driving experience and portray what it feels like being inside a race car, then I think that's where we can excel and where we absolutely will beat them [Gran Turismo]. That I know for sure.

EA is throwing down the gauntlet. Between the NFS Shift series and the Forza series on the Xbox 360, if Polyphony Digital steps up to the plate, we could certainly be seeing some absolutely amazing console-based driving/racing simulators in the coming years.