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Captain Slow’s Gran Turismo Rotary Challenge.

I finally beat Top Gear Intermediate with Gold.  I felt listless.  Empty.  Like if Melville had Ahab catch the whale half way in the book.  


Then a man in a white labcoat showed up and offered me a challenge in an envelope.  We got sued quickly by the BBC, sacked those responsible and got on with it.


The reality of it was that I hadn't been making a lot of ASpec progress.  I'm still struggling through the amateur races.  Specifically, the FR challenge.  My tuned and tricked out Miata isn't doing the job.  So I've got to find a new FR machine to take into the fray.  


I make no secret of it.  The RX-7 FC3S is my all time favorite car.  The look, the Wankel engine, even the wheel package…  Everything about it is what was right with the Eighties.  A time when Toto wasn't afraid to put out a single that didn't make sense, and when we believed that yes, maybe, yes, someday Jamaica can have a world championship bobsleigh team or maybe Judge Reinhold CAN get action before leaving Ridgemont High.  Ah, the Eighties.  Aside from Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and the Electric Slide, it was a perfect time.  Or it was to me.  I was born in '82.  So, I hold a lot of nostalgia to that era. 


But there was a problem.  For a paltry 13 thousand more, I could pick up the superior FD3S.  My heart broke.  Then broke some more, looking at the horsepower difference.  202 for the FC3S, and 251 for the FD3S.  49 Horsepower.  Yes, the Spirit R package is 40 grand, but, let's ignore the Spirit R for a moment.  I'm left with the question, "Can you tune an FC3S RX-7 to be as good as an FD3S in the difference of in-game cost(discounting the Spirit R trim)?"  


Can passion overcome engineering?  Let's find out.  


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Introducing the “Snerts Chicane”

As part of the new and improved Top Shell, we decided that it is refreshing to occasionally take a moment and see what else is out there in the world of video games. With this, Top Shell has brought on Snerts, a fellow with a much more diverse array of gaming habits than your average racing fan. He's even been published on Gamasutra, which is a far cry better than any of us have ever done! So, due to his pedegree and the fact he's doing this for free (thumbs up!), Top Shell has offered him his own category of posts, called "The Snerts Chicane".

We hope you enjoy his reviews and interesting editorials on the state of video games and game production.

-Bowser Broadcasting Company

Format and Site Changes

So after years of no updates to the original, BlogSpot-hosted Top Shell, it’s been decided that we would look into migrating to a WordPress-powered site, and move away from reviewing only Mario Kart Wii.

We’re bringing on new staff, and reviewing new games. Mario Kart will still receive the occasional update, but we’ve turned our sight to that most ignored of console genres, the sim racing genre. Console racing series such as Forza and Gran Turismo shall be reviewed, as shall games based on real-life racing series like F1, NASCAR, WRC, IndyCar, etc. Once in a blue moon we might go off on a tangent and review something from the arcade-racing/kart genre if we find it’s enjoyable enough.

To sum up:
New Blog. New Staff. New Tracks. Same old bollocks.

Top Shell: Episode Two

In today’s Top Shell: We’ve uncovered a Super Blooper, but is the Blooper really that Super? Plus Mario reveals his tips for cleaning red plumber hats. Read more »

Notes and Addendums.

The Stig is currently doing his testing using the following characters:

  • Yoshi for Medium
  • Toad for Small
  • Bowser for Large
  • 50’s/60’s Jazz for Power Laps

We will keep you informed if the Stig chooses a new character or genre of music.