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It’s Good to Be the Monarch

Game: Fable III
System: PC & Xbox 360
Release: October 2010
Fable is a franchise I love to hate. The first game featured a brilliant blend of Zelda action/adventure with casual The Sims like NPC encounters. Magic was plentiful, moral systems were excitingly new, and customization was greatly encouraged. Go ahead hero. Be the money grub'n, lady lov'n, real estate kingpin you've always wanted to be.

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Crazy homemade F1 motion simulator

What do you get when you mix a some racing fans with money to burn, plus the engineering know-how to work with hydraulics and electronics?

Envy. The back and forth motion to simulate g-load during acceleration and braking seems a bit much, but I'd be first in line to strap in and race if I had the chance!

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