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Top Shell: Episode Two

In today’s Top Shell: We’ve uncovered a Super Blooper, but is the Blooper really that Super? Plus Mario reveals his tips for cleaning red plumber hats. Read more »

Notes and Addendums.

The Stig is currently doing his testing using the following characters:

  • Yoshi for Medium
  • Toad for Small
  • Bowser for Large
  • 50’s/60’s Jazz for Power Laps

We will keep you informed if the Stig chooses a new character or genre of music.

Top Shell: Mario Kart Wii

This, is a Mario Kart program. There will be no rubber banding, there will be no banana peels, no-one will lag, and at the end of the blog, no-one… will really care. Blogspot WordPress is our base, and this is our purpose-built Luigi Circuit test track. There are no traffic jams here, and no blue-shells either. We intend to drive each vehicle, and flog them mercilessly to see just what laptimes can be wrung from these two and four-wheeled rockets. This… is Top Shell! Read more »