Aggregated E3 news links: day one

Forza 4:
IGN – The Parallel Paths of Forza Motorsport 4
Jalopnik – How Forza Motorsport 4 Will Change Car Culture Forever
RaceDepartment – Forza 4 footage from E3
Youtube video – Forza 4 E3 conference
GameTrailers – Forza 4 video trailer
Electricpig Exclusive: Behind the scenes at Turn 10 Studios and the making of Forza Motorsport 4

Need For Speed The Run:
E3 press conference & gameplay video
Youtube video – more gameplay video

F1 2011:
Sim Racing World – game screenshots
VideoGamer – F1 2011 preview
VirtualR – interview with developers

Kotaku – Microsoft's New Offical 360 Steering Wheel Cuts the Cord


With luck there will be more to come tomorrow!

GT5 updates coming out soon?

Kaz Yamauchi put a quick blurb up on twitter:


Google Translate shows this as "Now, after a long time online updates to GT5. 24 hours after. I also hold special events online."

Perhaps we will soon be seeing the long awaited endurance savegame patch?

Jalopnik previews Forza Motorsports 4

In the first bit of racing news coming out of E3 I was able to find, noted automotive blog Jalopnik has put up an interesting first-glance preview for Turn 10's upcoming "Forza Motorsports 4". The piece was actually written during a visit to Turn 10 in Seattle, so technically is not related. It's a hell of a preview though, discussing improvements in graphics, physics, and Kinect integration. Go check it out, and get your wallets ready to pre-order!

Apology for lack of content

I deeply apologize to all three of my visitors for my lack of maintaining the news on this site. Real Life has reared it's head lately in a big way, and every time I feel ready to dive back into the site, and fish for assistance with posting news, another fire springs up. Top Shell will be properly launched, and I will bring you regular content. I just need to get a couple really pressing things resolved first.

Again, I am sorry.

Just like that, GT5 1.07 patch drops

Well, this was a pleasant surprise from Polyphony Digital:

[Major Changes and New Features]
Friend Rankings
In Drift Trials and Time Trials, you can now display leaderboards that shows only your friends. While it was difficult before to locate your friends in the general leaderboards, this now makes it easier to compare your lap times and points with them.

[Fixed Issues]
– Performance points (PP), which is an index of a car's overall performance, is now calculated regardless of your tire selection. You can now set performance point restrictions and tire restrictions separately when you race in a lounge.
– Fixed the issue where the performance of electric cars increased/decreased after a certain amount of driving.
– Downloaded replays from Seasonal Event Rankings can now be viewed properly.

[Other Changes]
– Cars worth over 1,000,000 Cr. (including gift car coupons) are now prohibited from being traded to prevent issues during the trading process. When lending and borrowing cars between friends, please use the car loan system.