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Thunderbolt Games & Play3.De previewing F1 2011

Thunderbolt Games had a chance to sit down with F1 2011's chief game designer Stephen Hood, to talk about the successes of last year's incarnation, and what they're planning for the upcoming game.

A huge amount of content was included last year and many of the subtle elements were, at times, lost within 2010’s Career Mode. 2011 uses new features such as Press Clippings and Emails to keep the player better informed of where they stand in the world of Formula One. We’ve tweaked everything, even the logic behind contracts, so that it’s a more refined experience this year.

Codemasters had some limited Q&A on Monday via their Twitter account, announcing they have no DLC planned for F1 2011, and they are still wrangling with licensing over the fate of the safety car. Codemasters expects to have a final go/no-go for it around Gamescom in the middle of August. has recently posted a video interview with senior producer Paul Jeal, again discussing planned features for F1 2011:













F1 2011 will be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 23rd.

Codemasters is already talking F1 2011

Eurogamers got a quick interview with Rod Cousens, CEO of Codemasters, about their plans for F1 2011:

You're not going to see us on the next one just add a couple more tracks and a couple more drivers because it's the F1 2011 version.

We'll put a lot more into the game's design and we'll add more and more to it. They can start to almost really be the driver. They'll have to strategically figure out the pit stops, when to buy the fuel, what tyres to drive on.

Eventually you'll go down the line where you will feed telemetry data in real time to the consumer to let them adjust their car because they get serious about racing against their hero, who could have posted a time two hours beforehand. And you've got the real track sat in front of you.

It's our responsibility to keep the consumer engaged.

Senior producer Paul Jeal expects the "Live the Life" feature to be better fleshed out in future releases, as it had to be scaled back during development of F1 2010. All very exciting, isn't it?

F1 2010: Full patch notes released

It's old news now, but Codemasters has posted the changelog for all platforms of the F1 2010 v1.01 patch. Read, download, and enjoy.

F1 2010: PS3 patch has been released (worldwide)

Update! The patch is now out worldwide for PS3 players. Still no word on PC/360.

In proper Sony style, SCEE (Sony Europe) and SCEJ (Sony Japan) approved the patch for F1 2010 with little notice to the game's dev team, and no notice at all to their community managers! Codemasters has not heard if SCEA (Sony America) has approved the patch, and does not expect to hear word from them until this coming Monday, 11/1. They also state the PC and Xbox 360 patches have just passed submission, and they will release full patch notes for all three versions once the patches have been released.

European players are reporting the patch is 35MB in size, and that there is a catch. Some users are reporting the force feedback/rumble for controllers and steering wheels have been greatly lessened. There are also unconfirmed reports (meaning I can't find a forum link), that there is a tyre graphics bug, where the options have the prime graphics and visa-versa. We await a reply from Codemasters over these new issues.

F1 2010 patch finished, awaiting certification

The eagerly-awaited patch for F1 2010 is almost ready! As soon as the compliance departments for Microsoft and Sony sign off on it, the patch will be released. From my limited knowledge of game testing, if the patch was submitted for compliance on 10/26, it may be at least another week or two before it is approved.