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Fanatec announces official Forza 4 wheels

On the heels of the MadCatz announcement, Fanatec has announced their own line of licensed wheels for Forza 4. Fanatec is famous for making high-quality racing wheels, including authentic reproductions of Porsche wheels that are compatible with most 360/PS3/PC racing games. The new line is called "CSR", and will include five products:

  • Forza Motorsport CSR wheel
  • Forza Motorsport CSR Elite wheel
  • CSR shifter set
  • CSR pedals
  • CSR Elite pedals

Fanatec reports the CSR will fall in the middle between their Porsche and Clubsport products. Here are the main differences between the CSR and CSR-Elite wheels:


  • Improved force feedback electronics and mechanics make the wheel stronger and faster
  • Metal CSR shifter set and large metal paddle shifters make shifting gears easier than ever
  • Lightweight aluminum wheel rim with Alcantara inserts allow faster, more responsive turns


  • Wheel base fully made of metal with carbon fiber and Alcantara wheel rim
  • DirectSensor™ technology with sensor mounted directly on the steering axis. This avoids all the interference and performance loss you get from the belt/gear drive found on traditional motor-mounted sensor systems
  • Dual force feedback motors with 120Watt (silent big fan cooling) and very low cogging force to avoid “notchy” feeling

Engadget got to spend a bit of time with the CSR pedals, and found they share a number of similarities with it's Clubsport Pedal brother, including a adjustable load-cell brake sensor and the ability to mount pedals vertically (via an optional kit). A "load-cell brake sensor" essentially means means the pedal converts force applied to the brake to the strength of braking in game, so the brake pedal acts more like it would in a real car. This is great for the precise braking required to tame the most savage of automotive beasts, and is something other major wheel manufacturers have yet to adopt.

It appears players will be able to combine any wheel, pedal and shifter set they want, letting them customize their setup to suit their needs and pocketbook. Speaking of pocketbooks, no price has been set, though a Fanatec representative has stated

We will keep our fully modular ordering system so the pricing depends on the options you take. It will range between 320 and 700 for a set with pedals.

No word if this is in Euro or USD. A release date has not been set, but they expect to have it out on the market by the end of the year.

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E3: Day two & three linkspam

Not much news coming out of E3, so in lieu, here are some quick Twitter links I've scrounged up:

Forza 4 has won "Best Driving Game of E3 2011" from GamePro. –
Photo of a kitted-out Bentley race car, winner of the "E3 Car of Show" award, and future DLC for Forza 4. –
Need for Speed: The Run has been nominated "Best of E3" by Machinima –

Post to be updated as I run across more stuff.

Aggregated E3 news links: day one

Forza 4:
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Youtube video – Forza 4 E3 conference
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Electricpig Exclusive: Behind the scenes at Turn 10 Studios and the making of Forza Motorsport 4

Need For Speed The Run:
E3 press conference & gameplay video
Youtube video – more gameplay video

F1 2011:
Sim Racing World – game screenshots
VideoGamer – F1 2011 preview
VirtualR – interview with developers

Kotaku – Microsoft's New Offical 360 Steering Wheel Cuts the Cord


With luck there will be more to come tomorrow!

Jalopnik previews Forza Motorsports 4

In the first bit of racing news coming out of E3 I was able to find, noted automotive blog Jalopnik has put up an interesting first-glance preview for Turn 10's upcoming "Forza Motorsports 4". The piece was actually written during a visit to Turn 10 in Seattle, so technically is not related. It's a hell of a preview though, discussing improvements in graphics, physics, and Kinect integration. Go check it out, and get your wallets ready to pre-order!