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Codemasters is already talking F1 2011

Eurogamers got a quick interview with Rod Cousens, CEO of Codemasters, about their plans for F1 2011:

You're not going to see us on the next one just add a couple more tracks and a couple more drivers because it's the F1 2011 version.

We'll put a lot more into the game's design and we'll add more and more to it. They can start to almost really be the driver. They'll have to strategically figure out the pit stops, when to buy the fuel, what tyres to drive on.

Eventually you'll go down the line where you will feed telemetry data in real time to the consumer to let them adjust their car because they get serious about racing against their hero, who could have posted a time two hours beforehand. And you've got the real track sat in front of you.

It's our responsibility to keep the consumer engaged.

Senior producer Paul Jeal expects the "Live the Life" feature to be better fleshed out in future releases, as it had to be scaled back during development of F1 2010. All very exciting, isn't it?

Korean Grand Prix: How to prepare for a new track?

So this weekend is the first Korean Grand Prix, being held at the recently-finished Korean International Circuit at Yeongam, South Jeolla, South Korea. This being the first time the F1 circus has ever raced on this track, how do teams and drivers prepare for the great unknown? By playing video games of course!

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Life in the 300kmph zone

Overdrive, the #1 car & bike magazine of India, had Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok try their best to answer the first question out of the mouths of nearly every racing fan and motorsports journalist, "what’s it like to drive a Formula 1 car?" Chandhok takes the reader through all aspects of the race weekend, from taking a stroll around the circuit on the Thursday before the race, to the tension that builds before the start of the grand prix.

It is certainly a great article, and really helps set the mood and feeling of being strapped into one of the most complex racing vehicles ever driven in anger.

F1 2010: Loving The Life

It's been four years since the last licensed F1 game graced the PS3, seven years for the PC, and the Xbox 360 has never had an F1 game. Codemasters, fresh off the F1 2009 game for the Wii & PSP that garnered mixed-reviews, bolted on the option tires and attacked "next-gen" consoles (as well as the PC), for F1 2010.

Racing fans are a notoriously picky bunch when it comes to simulators of real life racing. They've come to expect intelligent AI, accurate track models, realistic vehicle handling, plus all the little fiddly bits that make the game complex and hard to master. I'm no different, when playing a simulator I expect a steep learning curve, but an ultimately rewarding experience for the time I spend learning the game. Problem is, console games can't have that. Give a beer-chugging brosedion a steering wheel and tell them to lap Monaco inside of 1'20", and shortly you'd be on the receiving end of some harsh words and a middle finger, before he shuts off the game and turns on "Halo". So did Codemasters manage to walk the tight rope?
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