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Defending Gran Turismo’s AI.

Someone's got to do it.

Someone's got to stand up for the numb and unresponsive AI.  The black mark on Gran Turismo's otherwise stellar name.  Polyphony Digital's own Edsel.

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The Basics of Racing Simulators: Traction Circle

Ran across a great article today at, where Nachiket Mhatre writes about concepts of automotive simulation in regards to tire traction. It's a bit of a deep read and certainly not light material for a lazy Saturday. But, if you're looking to get down to some nitty gritty, it's an enjoyable use of your time.

The Basics of Racing Simulators: Part 1

F1 2010: Loving The Life

It's been four years since the last licensed F1 game graced the PS3, seven years for the PC, and the Xbox 360 has never had an F1 game. Codemasters, fresh off the F1 2009 game for the Wii & PSP that garnered mixed-reviews, bolted on the option tires and attacked "next-gen" consoles (as well as the PC), for F1 2010.

Racing fans are a notoriously picky bunch when it comes to simulators of real life racing. They've come to expect intelligent AI, accurate track models, realistic vehicle handling, plus all the little fiddly bits that make the game complex and hard to master. I'm no different, when playing a simulator I expect a steep learning curve, but an ultimately rewarding experience for the time I spend learning the game. Problem is, console games can't have that. Give a beer-chugging brosedion a steering wheel and tell them to lap Monaco inside of 1'20", and shortly you'd be on the receiving end of some harsh words and a middle finger, before he shuts off the game and turns on "Halo". So did Codemasters manage to walk the tight rope?
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