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racing news megapost, 7/9

Forza Motorsports:

F1 2011:

Gran Turismo:

Polyphony Digital moving 50 employees from Tokyo to Fukoka. [Source:]

Online support for Prolouge has been extended until September. [Source:]

Latest special event race involves Super GT/JGTC vehicles. [Source:]


22 drivers announced for Nascar 2011 The Game

Hot on the heels of three  new screenshots, Eutechnyx has released a list of 22 drivers for their upcoming Nascar 2011 The Game. All the usual suspects are there (Montoya, Johnson, Busch, etc.), but one driver that people may not have heard of is Jennifer Jo Cobb. She is a full time driver in the NASCAR truck series, and has plans to break into the NASCAR Sprint Cup within the next few years. Danica Patrick is not on the list, but this list is most likely just partially complete, so I'm sure there is more to come. The full list can be seen after the "Read More" jump.

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Three new screenshots of Nascar The Game 2011

Eutechnyx (by way of, has released three new screenshots of their upcoming title, NASCAR 2011: The Game:




NASCAR 2011 is due to be released in Feburary 2011 for the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.

5 new screens from NASCAR The Game 2011

Five delicous new screenshots of Nascar The Game 2011 coming at you!


New screenshots for Nascar 2011: The Game

Kotaku has posted eight brand-spanking new screenshots of Eutechnyx's upcoming "NASCAR 2011: The Game". One of the screenshots makes it appear they are going for an ESRB "E" rating, as the Miller Lite beer logo on Kurt Busch's hood now just says "Kurt":

Personally, I would rather have a "T" rating and keep the alcohol logos in there, but aiming for an "E" means the game may have the chance to sell more copies.