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GT5 Screenshot Contest!

We here at Top Shell are pleased to announce a Gran Turismo 5 screenshot contest! Send in your best screenshots for a chance at owning the most lusted and prized car in the entire game. The car that has been tearing up the Youtubes, blowing the socks off reviewers and gamers alike. The car, famous in Japan to those that are truly in the automotive know. The car, that engineers thought could never be built, and never be topped:

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Three new screenshots of Nascar The Game 2011

Eutechnyx (by way of, has released three new screenshots of their upcoming title, NASCAR 2011: The Game:




NASCAR 2011 is due to be released in Feburary 2011 for the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.

Trial Mountain + Shelby Cobra = bad day at the office

Shelby Cobra 427 Goes Flying

Ooh dear, this is going to hurt.

New screenshots for Nascar 2011: The Game

Kotaku has posted eight brand-spanking new screenshots of Eutechnyx's upcoming "NASCAR 2011: The Game". One of the screenshots makes it appear they are going for an ESRB "E" rating, as the Miller Lite beer logo on Kurt Busch's hood now just says "Kurt":

Personally, I would rather have a "T" rating and keep the alcohol logos in there, but aiming for an "E" means the game may have the chance to sell more copies.